Clamshell Chair

A luxurious sit behind a desk or around a conference table

The Clamshell Chair achieves luxury and comfort without bulk through its elegant structural shell. Geiger`s advanced veneer technology allows Clamshell its curves, a shape beautiful on its own that also provides strength and support without need of a standard frame. With a five-star, height-adjustable swivel base on casters, it can be used as a desk chair or conference chair.

Natural Inspiration
The Clamshell Chair not only took its name from nature, but also its pleasing form and inherent strength.

Material Breakthrough
Advances in veneer molding technology that allow for shaping veneers without cracking let BassamFellows express the curved Clamshell shape in wood.

Sit, Swivel, Scoot
The Clamshell Chair is a full swivel chair on casters, available in high-back or low-back, with or without arms.