Office Pods


Do you need a quiet location for a call or a (video)meeting? Use Halo. Indispensable in every working environment! Halo pod is unique and keeps the sound where it belongs: acoustical quietness in noisy spaces. The optimal inner size, possibility of interchanging and outstanding acoustics (class A performance according to ISO 23351-1), makes Halo thé solution in flexible working environments. Curious about integrable LED-beam lightning, ventilation and all other possibilities?

Acoustical presentations

  • Class A according to ISO 23351-1
  • Highest achievable acoustic performance
  • Optimal combination of insulation and absorption

Endless configurations

  • Different finishes possible
  • Complete design freedom
  • Fits in every work environment


  • All parts are reusable
  • Easy to move
  • Interchangeable with all Maars walls

Fast installation

  • Installation with prefab cassettes
  • Less than 2 hours, with 2 persons
  • Easy to move