Pandarine Chaise Sectional

Fusing plush comfort with modularity and elegance, the Pandarine Sectional offers a dynamic, customizable lounging experience with adjustable back cushions that can be folded down. It also comes with your choice of cylindrical bolsters or reclining armrests.

Pandarine Sectional reimagines lounging, fusing plush comfort with the versatility of a modular sectional in an elegant design. Pandarine offers a dynamic, customizable lounging experience - its plush, pillow-like back cushions can be folded down, inviting you to lounge, read, work, or sit just how you like. Choose from two styles of armrests: Cylindrical bolsters, or reclining armrests that can also fold down like the back cushions.

  • Combines plush comfort with a modular design.
  • Adjustable back cushions fold down for dynamic comfort.
  • Your choice of bolster or reclining armrests.


  • Oak or walnut legs
  • Plywood back and reclining armrest frame; plywood and spruce seat frame
  • Feather- and silicone-wrapped polyurethane foam back and armrest cushions
  • Polyurethane foam seat cushions